About Us

Divano Dreams is a company with more than eleven years of life in the upholstered furniture sector, working in a family atmosphere and with the main objective of building customer loyalty by offering a product with its own personality.

The beginnings

Divano Dreams was created in 2011 by its three founding partners who, through hard work, perseverance and professionalism continue to believe in the formula:

SUCCESS = (Talent + Ambition) x attitude / Risk.

The excitement of perfection, the achievement of objectives and goals remains intact.

Building pillars

Throughout these eleven years of professional career, we have always tried to leave our own stamp on our products.  We have collaborated and continue to collaborate with internationally renowned companies to develop upholstered products that have a place in their portfolio.
This has driven us to a level of demand that we have subsequently applied to Divano brand products in our Home and Contract ranges.

Expectations and philosophy

At Divano Dreams we value both. That is why the service we offer our customers and the way our suppliers and employees are treated is based on respect and honesty, fundamental qualities for creating bonds of commitment in the present and in the future.